Ever thought that the only thing eggs are good for is for creating delicious meals? Not so fast. While eggs do form the heart of many fantastic recipes, uses for this super-food extend beyond the kitchen.

Let’s explore some of the more unusual uses for eggs!

Egg Whites for Sunburn

Took a little nap in the sunshine and now you are as red as a lobster? We’ve all been there. Egg whites might just be the sunburn-busting solution you have been waiting for. Egg-whites have anti-inflammatory properties that can assist in recovering from sunburn. The egg whites reduce the swelling and moisturise the skin.

Egg Yolk Hair Treatment

The proteins found in eggs are very similar to those found in human hair, and some users swear by adding eggs (whole or yolks) to their hair routines. For this tip, whip together an egg with a small amount of olive oil, apply to your hair and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse off with cool or lukewarm water. This tip claims to leave users with hair that is shiny and healthy!

Egg White Face Mask

The beauty tips don’t stop at hair- eggs can also be used for facial treatments. You can whip up a facial buy whisking egg whites until frothy and applying to your face in a thin layer. This treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines and tightens your skin.

Glue replacement

Egg whites become sticky as they dry, making them an easy and eco-friendly alternative to glue. Egg white glue is suitable for gluing paper or light cardboard pieces.


Eggshells are a good source of calcium, a mineral which helps plants to grow. Crush your discarded eggshells and mix them into your compost or straight into your garden.

Clean Leather

Egg whites offer an unusual and low-cost cleaning method for leather products. Gently rub egg whites into your leather products before wiping off with a damp product. This will clean off dirt and make your leather products shine.

Make Coffee less Bitter

Did you know that you can reduce the bitterness of coffee by adding eggshells? Adding crushed eggshells to coffee grounds before brewing can alleviate the bitter taste most coffees have.

Found an egg solution to suit you? For more fun egg tips and tricks, head over to our hints & tips page!