We’re smack dab in the middle of summer, and we’ve just gotta ask: have you been eating enough eggs? A lot of people want to eat eggs on the beach, but they think they won’t do it right, or that their eggs won’t look as good as everyone else’s. Well, worry not, because we’ve got all the best tips for proper eating-eggs-on-the-beach etiquette.
1. Peel your eggs before you get to the beach
The beach is a time to get away and relax, not sit and peel eggs. Make sure you turn your hard-boiled eggs into wet little orbs you can pop in your mouth the second you get there.
2. Keep your eggs in a large bowl
A lot of people will show up to the beach with their eggs in tupperware, or a crumpled-up paper bag. This is a rookie mistake—you want the other beach-goers to see that you have a large bowl full of hard-boiled and peeled eggs that you plan on eating at the beach throughout the day.
3. Suck each egg into your mouth whole
The trick to eating a peeled hard-boiled egg at the beach is to make your mouth into an o-shape. Put the hard-boiled egg on the tip of your lips and push it in your mouth with either your thumb or index finger.
4. Sip your egg juice slowly
Remember, you’ve got a whole day at the beach—when that hazy liquid runoff from your hard-boiled eggs begins to collect at the bottom of your large bowl, don’t drink it all at once.
5. Make a high-pitched sound with your mouth and lips while you eat eggs
This is called your egg cry, and it’s like a battle cry, but for eating eggs. It’s just common beach courtesy—you make an egg cry so the other beach-goers will know you’re eating eggs and they can then act accordingly.
6. Don’t forget your leftover eggs
When you’re ready to head home, save any eggs you didn’t get to by storing them in your various bodily orifices for later.