May is a special time of year, not least because it is the annually celebrated National Egg Month! Every year, people around the globe honour May as the month to recognise and celebrate eggs and all that they offer. This celebration is primarily driven by the American Egg Board and celebrations include Egg festivals, Egg Days and more.

 Eggs are an affordable source of protein, Vitamin D and other important nutrients, and can be a lifesaver when looking for quick and easy meal plans. For recipes that are a bit more out of the box, read on for a few exciting options.

 Egg Recipe ideas to Celebrate National Egg Month

 Here are five delicious recipes to make to celebrate National Egg Month;

 Cobb Salad: this hearty salad offers more than just greens and is a tasty option for dinners and lunches!

  1. Eggs Benedict: Impress your family with a perfectly made eggs benedict- this popular dish can be tricky, but once you’re mastered it, it is a fan-favourite breakfast!
  2. Waffles: waffles are a classic and beloved breakfast staple, and require egg whites to create the distinctive light and airy texture that waffles are known for.
  3. Smoothie: An unexpected protein addition to smoothies; you can add boiled eggs to fruit smoothies for a dose of protein.
  4. Scotch eggs: A British favourite, Scotch eggs are perfect for picnics and snack meals, and offer a filling and delicious snack.

 Fancy any of these recipes? Let us know if you try them!


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