Since the hard-boiled egg, healthy meals have gone a long way. While we’ll always have a sweet spot for the wonderfully portable, peel-and-eat egg, we’re taking our midday meals to a whole new level these days.


Pita pockets with eggs

Mini-pitas are so adorable that you’ll want to eat them all – and so will your kids. A dash of pizza sauce (who doesn’t adore pizza?) elevates the egg salad mix in these sandwiches. Add your favourite grated vegetables. You’ll get crunch and a wonderful meal with fruits on the side.


Traditional Nicoise salad

You won’t even need to toss this salad because it is so easy to create. Simply arrange some slices of egg, buttery lettuce leaves, tomato, blanched green beans, and flaky tuna on a platter.


Club Sandwich with Deviled Eggs

This sandwich is the ideal next-level sandwich since it has a traditional egg salad and layers of crispy bacon, chilled lettuce, and juicy tomatoes.


Pickled eggs

Here’s a secret: Pickling eggs is incredibly simple. You may quickly put together the brine, and then you can leave your refrigerator to do the job overnight. You’ll have spicy, delicious eggs for the remainder of the week.


Salad with boiled eggs

Add creamy avocado, tangy radishes, and a rich dressing made of Greek yogurt, fresh chives, and apple cider vinegar to a bed of greens to transform it. This salad becomes a substantial supper thanks to the protein-rich eggs.



Broccoli with Hard-Boiled Eggs

Tender stalks of broccoli’s are drizzled with a mustardy vinegar and topped with just enough eggs to provide a pleasing flavour. This is perfect for an easy┬áside dish.


Potato and Egg Salad

This light evening potato salad is ready in 30 minutes and takes very little preparation. Simply combine halved potatoes, peas, and quartered hard-boiled eggs with a mild dressing in a dish. For a family-friendly supper, serve it with burgers or grilled chicken.