Liquid egg products that typically contain only egg white with the yolk replaced by other ingredients, such as non-fat milk, tofu, vegetable oil, emulsifiers, stabilizers, antioxidants, gum, artificial color, minerals and vitamins.
Egg substitutes contain the high-quality protein of egg whiteas well as the white’s vitamins and minerals. However, each formula for replacing the yolk differs, so check labels for total nutrient content.
Due to varying formulas, each brand of egg substitute performs differently in cooking. You may have to experiment to learn how to cook an individual brand. For instance, those brands without fat will cook more quickly than those containing fat.
Common to all brands is that the yolk’s cooking properties, including emulsification, are lost. All brands which contain fat retard egg-white foaming which is needed to leaven certain dishes.
Since both emulsification and leavening are important in many baked goods, egg substitutes may not yield the same results as shell eggs in home baking.