1. Meringue

The best egg white recipe creates fluffy meringues with crisp exteriors that are simple to make and typically freezeable, so you can keep a batch on hand for dessert emergencies.

  1. Frosting and topping

The success of this frosting recipe depends on three crucial phases. Before whisking in the egg whites, first completely dissolve the sugar and salt in the water. By doing this, you can be confident that the second crucial step—whisking the ingredients while they warm up over the double boiler—will be successful. This mixture should be whisked up until foamy.


Timing is key in the final step, where you switch out your whisk for a hand mixer and beat for 6 minutes. Despite the fact that you might be tempted to quit after only 5 minutes because everything looks fantastic, beat the frosting for the whole recommended amount of time.


  1. Bread Glaze

Before baking, brush bagels and hamburger buns with a thin layer of egg white to give them a genuine shining top. In addition to providing a professional seal, it also makes it simple for seeds to cling to the top; try sesame, poppy, or sunflower seeds. If you only have one or two whites, this one is perfect.


  1. Mousse

Because whisked egg white is so firm, set mousses can substitute it for gelatine. Choose traditional chocolate or a lighter variation in which yogurt is used instead of cream.


  1. Pancakes

Whip the egg whites. Separate the yolks and whites from the whole egg before adding it. The egg whites are beaten until they form stiff peaks before the yolks are combined. This indicates that the egg whites will stand up on their own when the beater is removed. This can be done by hand, but it will require a lot of strength. It just takes a minute or two when I just use a hand mixer.


After whipping the egg whites, gently fold them into the batter. It’s the key to making these light, fluffy pancakes.


  1. Omelette

Egg white omelettes are lean and light if you’re managing your fat consumption, and if you finish it under the grill, you should get a souffléd finish. If giving up all yolks makes you uncomfortable, experiment with the ratios. Adding a few whites to a regular omelette will make it fluffier. Make an egg yolk omelette if you’re feeling very luxurious, although we suggest adding a little milk to soften it up a bit.