When you think of eggs, you probably think of breakfast, or delicious meals, or delectable baked goods. But did you know that around the world there are a large number of other uses for eggs and eggshells? Here are some of the unusual uses for eggs from around the world.

Beauty Rituals

Eggs have been part of beauty treatments and rituals for hundreds of years, and many people continue to believe in the transformative powers of eggs. Contemporary beauty tips suggest using egg whites, egg yolks or both.

Eggs are a popular ingredient in many homemade hair masks and treatments. Many people believe that the protein in eggs will help boost, strengthen and condition their hair. For a homemade hair mask, simply whisk together

Facial treatments are also reliant on eggs as a beauty ingredient. Egg white facials are commonly believed to smooth and plump the skin, and some people even believe that an egg white mask can reduce the appearance of fine lines and pores.

Eggshells for plants

The shells of eggs are high in calcium, which can be very valuable for your plants and soil. To get the benefits, simply break up eggshells and add them to the soil of your garden or plants.

If you’re making boiled eggs, you can also save the water and use it to water the plants in your garden- the nutrients in the water from the eggshells are allegedly beneficial for your plants and their growth.

Homemade glue

In the middle of a crafty project and suddenly run out of glue? No stress- eggs are the answer. Egg whites can be used to create a homemade glue product that can be used to stick paper and light cardboard.

Pet supplement

Both eggs and eggshells have reported benefits for dogs. Eggs (served cooked, without any oil or seasoning) are a good nutritional source for your dog. They are a good source of many vitamins and minerals, and can make your dogs’ coat shinier.

Egg shells are also a potential supplement for your dog- the calcium in the shells can support healthy bones and teeth. Simply rinse your eggshells, boil them for a few minutes before leaving to dry. Finally, grind them into a fine powder that you can add to fido’s dog food. Just remember to consult your veterinarian first!

Leather cleaner

Eggs whites can be used to clean and condition leather products. Simply rub egg white onto the leather and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Edible paint

If you’re a fan of baking or decorating cakes, this tip is for you. Mix together egg whites, a little bit of water and food colouring to create an edible paint that you can use to decorate cakes, cookies, macarons, cupcakes and more.


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