Easter is a beloved and popular holiday for people across the world; bringing friends and families together for celebrations, festive fun and century-old traditions. One of the many traditions associated with the Easter period is the decorating (and hiding!) of eggs. Eggs have been rooted in Easter traditions for centuries, and decorating chicken eggs is a fantastic way to kick off the celebrations.

 How to decorate Easter Eggs

 There are different methods of colouring and decorating Easter eggs, with some methods relying on natural dyes, some on paint, and some on decorative elements. Some cultures dye all Easter eggs a bright red, while others take a more pastel approach. Here are a few fun ways to decorate eggs for Easter:

 Acrylic paint

 For a painted look, you can use acrylic paint to decorate your hard-boiled eggs. Acrylic paint allows you more control with the patterns you can add to the eggs and can allow you to make more detailed designs on the eggs.

 Dip dye

 Dip dye is one of the more popular egg decorating methods and is relatively simple. This method relies on placing the eggs in vinegar containing food dye. With this method, you can quickly and easily dye a large number of eggs, but be warned- it can get messy!

 You can create patterns on these eggs by drawing on them with white crayon before dying.

 Stickers and more

 Don’t forget about stickers and tape when decorating your eggs, as they offer a quick and simple way to add some embellishment to your eggs.  Washi tape is an easy way to add a fun look to your eggs without spending too much time on decoration.

 Marble-effect eggs

 This is a fun twist on your traditional dip-dying! Add a small splash of olive oil to your dye solution before adding the eggs, as this will create a marble-like pattern.

 Gold foil

 Go for gold! This is more of a luxurious take compared to your normal Easter egg, but you can add gold, silver, bronze, or rose gold to your eggs by using metallic elements like gold leaf or foils. This offers a luxe and modern Easter egg that is sure to be a big hit.

 Temporary tattoos

 Take pre-made temporary tattoos and transfer them onto your eggs for an edgy egg look!

 Speckled eggs

Create a speckled look by spritzing your eggs with paint on a paintbrush- the splatters create a fun and pretty pattern.

 Did you try any of these methods? Let us know!